Venue: Bayan Indah, Sg. Penchala

It was the first time here for almost all of us yesterday and upon arrival, I was already absolutely taken away by the beauty of the place. Though without a map, one would probably never find this place, Bayan Indah, situated in Sg. Penchala is a breathtaking retreat equipped with the necessary facilities to entertain a company of about 12 people tops at any one time. Privacy was no issue as we literally had the place to ourselves.

The main house boasts an open area architectural concept furnished with an elegant mixed display of the Baba Nyonya tradition and a modern contemporary touch in all its decor.

We kicked off the day with a delightful breakfast. Seriously, I LOVED the cucur.

Next, we began work.

Afterwards, lunch proceeded and it was gorgeous. The chicken was a little too salty for my liking though. But everything else was awesome, especially the sweet potatoes.

After lunch, we had a cooking class with chef Rohani Jelani.

We were split into 3 groups and after all the nerve flinching, pan flying hard work, we got to feast on the beautiful dishes. Each group had to come up with 3 items: 1) scones and jam, 2) Lemon Poppy Seed Cake & 3) Spinach and Mushroom Quiche. They were DIVINE!

Our scones served with banana jam and double cream.

Taken with my Canon 600D.

Venue: Bake and Serve, ss14 Subang Jaya

Dinner, drinks, karaoke, more drinks, mamak. Home at 4am.

Easily the best night of the year. I love all of us. <3

Taken with my Canon 600D.
I fell in love with a man once,
For all the right reasons.

I fell in love with the way he spoke,
The way he laughed and made me laugh.
The way he checked on my prayers and kept me on my toes.
The way he stared at me and drowned me.
The way he talked late at night, about yesterday and tomorrow.
The way he made me feel safe and cared for me.
The way he'd say I miss you at the most inappropriate times.
The way he'd call for 5 minutes just to hear my voice.
The way he'd share his problems with me.
The way he made mine his own.

I fell in love with this man once,
And for all those right reasons,
I must now let him go.

No longer does he speak the way he did,
Nor laugh and made me laugh the way he did,
Nor check on my prayers the way he did,
Nor drown me in his stare the way he did,
Nor talk to me at all anymore the way he did,
Nor secure and cared for me the way he did,
Nor tell me he misses me anymore the way he did,
Nor call me at all anymore the way he did,
Nor share his problems with me the way he did,
Nor bothered to ask about mine the way he once did.

Because like all men,
He's now a new.

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