Thursday, March 6, 2014

Two Hours in Pangkor

Abah & I headed to Lumut some days back for work. Before heading back, we made a quick detour onto the island. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Brief Break

It's going to be Maghrib in a bit and I figured I should give the job a rest. I'm on my bed with tons of canvas sheets scattered around me, some already drawn on while others remain sad and blank. Today's the first day of work again since my brief Singapore getaway last week but already I'm feeling tired and stressed out. Though I genuinely love what I do, mixing business and art, getting to work with paint everyday and the sorts, I can't deny that a little part of me still yearns for that corporate dream job.

Sometimes I feel like quitting this thing, but fortunately enough my competitive conscience keeps telling me that I can survive on this despite what everyone says and that dream of building a name for myself is not too far out to reach. I just gotta be patient and sometimes mindless.

I can hear the Azan already. At times like this I wish time would just freeze for a moment. Give me air to breathe please.

The trip was so much fun, but I still feel exhausted. I'm surprised that I'm actually writing. Though this may not be much at all, it's more than anything I've penned down recently. I'm really getting lazy at this. The Azan has ended. So fast. Too fast.

Sobs. I wish reality was a choice.

Monday, February 17, 2014


More photos of food than sights, I know. Singapore was a great start, so looking forward to more future destinations. Gotta feed this wanderlust.