Firstly, I gotta let this be perfectly honest, I'm not too crazy about this piece. So, here's how my work desk turned out. 

The thing is, that huge ass photo frame I worked on previously was supposed to be put up on the left side of the wall. However, that wasn't possible since that part of the wall was almost impenetrable. It's actually part of the original structure of the house and apparently, the walls were made to be crazy solid. So much so, that our drill could barely dig 2cm in. 

I was forced to shift it to the right side instead considering there wasn't anywhere else in the room that I'd wanted it to be hung up. So, like it or not, I gotta live with this. I hate the fact that I can't drill that wall because that only means I can't have anything up there and it probably would have to live looking barren like that till forever (lol).

I bought this little wooden frame from Daiso for RM5 just because it was adorable. Not thinking what I'd do with it at the time. But ain't that noice, Haks? Hehe. I love this photo. 

I didn't wanna put another rug under this desk since it would be too close to the brown one and the place would look cluttered; at the same time I hate having cold tile under my feet while I work, so, I placed this little decorated cushion stool to anchor my feet on instead. It was something we already had so I didn't spend a dime there. Thank goodness. I love how the purple and orange of the stool and the chair is tied in with the throw pillow cover I got for RM12.90 at Kaison there. Still, if only I could help that empty part of the wall with perhaps an inspiration board or something. Indeed, I must figure something out.

Till next time, goodbye people!

Taken with my Canon 600D.

I need to do shit. Get shit off of my mind. Can't wait for the girls.

Taken with my Canon 600D.
I've previously mentioned that I had been working on prettifying my room but there's just too many photos to go through and too many things I'd like to talk about that I figured I'm just going to break down featuring the new room into several posts instead of one really long one. So, today I've decided to show you what I did with my many books, magenta shelving units and make up space.

Previously, my room was a shade of a rather dull mint green because this used to be my parent's room. As you can see, I've migrated away from the dull by coating on this shade of white called Rose White which actually has a light rosy pink/cream hue. I bought the 5 liter bucket and initially wanted to have a double coating of paint on the walls, and use the rest on my magenta shelves. Much to my surprise however, the paint was barely enough for a single coating on my walls and don't think I didn't dilute it because I did. Seriously, I'm gonna have to consult someone about wall painting next so I can figure out how I fell so short. Can't let that happen again.

However, things did work out well still because the magenta really helped make the walls look extra clean and bright. So, falling short of paint turned out to be a blessing in disguise really. I stacked the 3 small units on top of each other to create the slim tall section on the right and the 2 much larger ones I had in the middle there. Since there was already so much stacking going on, I decided to leave a 2.5" space in between each section just to loosen it up a little.

Previously, each of those shelves contained books, most of which I seriously do not even read anymore. So, you could imagine how much I lacked storage. I went through my collection and as much as I didn't wanna let go, I managed to clear out about half of them and made plenty of much needed space for everything else. Afterwards, I got myself a couple of white metal baskets and pull-out storage units at Daiso to load my beauty products, more books, collection of acrylic paint and crafting supplies so now everything has their own space and the place looks far more organized AND I wouldn't have to kill myself before actually finding what I'm looking for. Yay! 

The new rug was a gift from Abah actually because he was satisfied with what I did with the room or something. It's absolutely lovely, surprisingly cooling and complements the place beautifully! Best of all, Alpha, my cat, is scared of it so she doesn't touch it. Thank goodness, haha! 

This nail on the door used to hold up our full length mirror and because of that, we barely ever used this door which leads to the balcony. Now I've shifted the mirror to a different part of the room and am using this nail to hold up my large multi-purpose bag. It's so easy to grab when I'm in a hurry and that's pretty often. 

I bought this black wire mesh bowl from Kaison for I can't remember how much initially just because I loved it. Didn't even think of what I was gonna do with it but Hafiz gave me this idea - of just dumping all my makeup shit in it and voila! Turns out it's been really practical especially for me because I can just rummage through it to get what I want and not have to worry about placing things back where they should be. Before this, I stored all these things in a tin box that had a lid on. So, I always had to put things back properly or the lid wouldn't close right. It was insanely annoying. 

I have all my brushes and pen-type makeup in a separate basket and they fit in really well too. So there's no worrying about my eyeliner falling out through the wire mesh and getting lost behind the shelves or anything. This basket was something I already had and in fact, I've had it since I was 10 or 11. See, they fit in perfectly!

That's all for my dressing table + storage unit combo. Can't wait to share the rest of the room with you guys next time! Have a nice day!

Taken with my Canon 600D.
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