Oh Baby, What Would You Say - Hurricane Smith

Tis my new baby.

Burton Gustor - named after Gus from Psych just cuz. I love this turd to bits. Found him nearby my office close to 2 months back and I took him home. Was the best decision I made. I love you, babe.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop + Wacom Intuos
Font: Freehand

Venue: Westside Bistro, SACC Convention Centre

Don't you just wanna feel fancy once in a while? Well apparently, SACC Convention Centre is now having this English Hi-Tea concept buffet on that's really quite interesting. After our escape to Malacca, I asked the dweebs, Naim, Boi and Haks if they wanted to check this hi-tea with me two weeks ago. So, we went!

So, the deal is that while it's a buffet, you order through a menu to avoid wastage which is a pretty good idea. Of course, you can continue to order as long as you finish what you've ordered before. Only thing is you don't get to see a luxurious spread of delicacies to tempt you further. Good strategy I guess. Lol.  

That's me rearranging the treats from two serving platters into one because two just cramped the table. I have got to say that despite being a dessert lover, I enjoyed the smoked salmon on toast and the egg mayo with cress best! If you're looking for a nice venue to just chillax and spend the whole afternoon with your girlfriends or something, you could totes check this buffet out! If there was some jazz playing in the background it would totally have been better. :D

Much apologies for the delayed post though, I've been terribly consumed with work recently. In fact, I just came back from the WWF Earth Hour Night Walk 2015; which probably will be up next...if I don't disappear into work again. Regardless, no sweat, the buffet is still on from 3PM - 7PM only at the Westside Bistro, SACC Convention Centre!

PS: Ain, wish you were here.

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