Friday, July 25, 2014

Buka Puasa Sinar Ramadhan Buffet di SACC Convention Centre

So, this actually happened yesterday evening. Surprisingly enough, bae came over this puasa like he said he would and we got to break our fast yesterday at the Sinar Ramadhan buffet at the SACC Convention Centre, section 14 Shah Alam. Today's actually going to be the last day they're having this buffet this year, if I'm not mistaken, and this review is probably already too late to help you foodies out there figure out where to eat for buka puasa, but I'm going to go ahead and write this anyways because I believe it deserves the note.

We arrived rather late yesterday, people were already queuing up at the various menu booths and the dining hall was already alive with families and friends gathered and chatting across their tables, restless children eagerly awaiting the sound of azan and best of all, plates and plates of delicious food mounting every table. I would say the hall was large enough for at least 3000 people and would make a perfect venue for an enclosed wedding ceremony or company dinner or whatever. It had a stage on one far end and two entrances opened for the buffet guests. However, bae and I were directed to the Westside Bistro seating area which was just outside the dining hall so we could chat with the host more comfortably after iftar. I'll get to the bistro in a bit, I want to talk about the menu first.

Tauhu bakar, popiah and puddings.
About a minute after entering the dining hall, still standing fixed in front of the entrance because we didn't know where to go first, the azan was heard. So we headed straight for the drink corner where there was a choice of about 8 different drinks, if I'm not mistaken, including mango, apple and calamansi, as well as nescafe and teh tarik on the hot beverage end. Once the azan was over, we began paving our way through the hall, jumping from one menu booth to the other and getting hungrier every minute. I was sooo happy they had popiah basah, served exactly the way I like it. I grabbed a plate despite our decision to scout the whole hall first. I learned then that they had more than 120 dishes including their special menu for this year, the Nasi Kambing Kebuli. We knew we HAD to try it! 

Nasi Kambing Kebuli
Among other dishes spotted last night were lemang and rendang tok, lontong (also my ultimate favourite), rice and various dishes, several kinds of ikan bakar, a fruit stand, an ice cream stand, several (yes, SEVERAL) dessert booths, a japanese cuisine booth, bubur lambuk, other kinds of buburs, yong tau fu with fresh seafood options including crabs, prawns and that thing I dunno the name of (helpful much?), tons of cucurs including cucur ikan bilis and cucur cempedak, sup periuk where you could choose between lamb, chicken or beef lauks, tauhu bakar and kerang bakar (menyesal I didn't take this), marshmallows and fruits to be dipped in chocolate, kuey teow, meatballs, this gorgeous chicken lauk thing he took which I didn't pay attention to till it was on a plate on the table in front of me, and what seemed to be a billion other things that I can't recall.

Fresh crabs!
I absolutely loved the size of the hall and the arrangement of everything because though the place was filled with people, it definitely did not feel too crowded nor unbearably noisy, and best of all, we didn't have to line up long to get any food. Except for the special Kambing Kebuli la of course, not that it wasn't worth the wait. Secondly, I was completely taken away by the choice of dishes served. The balance between Malay and foreign cuisines was just right. I would have loved it more if they had caramel pudding or panna cotta for dessert as well though, but the bread pudding was really really nice. If only it had some sort of vanilla cream dressing or something; then I'd be really taken. I loved the rendang tok, the lemang, the lauk sambal ayam, not to mention the popiah; and all the lamb I could eat! You know how it is, usually buffets would put up their lamb dish as the special menu. Nothing new there. But usually it's because they don't have two or three other dishes with lamb. But here, I got lamb in my sup periuk as well! Making the queue far more bearable because you had more options for lamb dishes. Utter love!

Us and our greedy table at the Westside Bistro area.
He doesn't know how to smile.
So, remember I mentioned we were seated at the Westside Bistro and not exactly in the dining hall? Well yes, that's our table up there. The Westside Bistro is a little corner just outside the main hall. Sure, we had to walk a little, but it was really comfortable. Not at all crowded, practically it was just us there with like 3 other people around or something. The nice seating and orange-y light made way for a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for chatting. I'm gonna introduce the place to my boss so he could belanja the team there the next time we have a meeting outside. Weehee! Thanks a bunch SACC! All in all, it was a wonderful experience and in shaa Allah, a gateway to more opportunities and ideas in the future. 

*My family have this tradition where we'd go for a buffet buka puasa on ONE night of Ramadhan. We've been doing this since we were little and this year we went to Subang. Next year, in shaa Allah I'll talk them into coming here. Muehehe. Plus, since we're all earning already, everybody could pay for themselves! Yayy! I can't believe I'm 24 this raya. It's weird. Anyways, there's my SACC Sinar Ramadhan buffet experience for ya! 

Selamat Hari Raya in advance everyone! Ramadhan, you will be missed. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Cloudy with a chance of rain

I can't listen to this song and not think of you. It used to play in your blog and in fact, that was where I first heard it. I got instantly hooked. 

People say nobody blogs anymore. The relevance of a blog's existence today is questioned. Time being time, waited for no soul and we dream of yesterday. Wishing time would give it a break for a change; "but that's just absurd," says Time. It's been cold all morning despite the sun being out. As I lay there, wishing so hard that the minutes would stretch, I suddenly thought of the old days - the uncertainties, the excitement, the butterflies. You seem to occupy my thoughts quite a bit these few days. I'm puzzled myself. I sometimes catch my thoughts in the middle of a mental playback and it would stop dead almost as if it was scared. I feel like crying, I have no idea why. 

I see you've removed your share of it all. I've only just realised; but that's a good thing I guess. It never was anything more than an infatuation. A boy meets girl thing. Heck, we hardly ever even talked. That's a fact and both you and I know it. I'd be a lying fool to say it didn't bother me that you took it all down. But that's just me. I'm just a girl sometimes. Now I feel like taking it all down too.

All this vague shit. Slow down you crazy child. I really miss yesterdays.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Two Hours in Pangkor

Abah & I headed to Lumut some days back for work. Before heading back, we made a quick detour onto the island.