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Venue: Bob Republic, Seksyen 7, Shah Alam 

In my family, I'm the least carnivorous and that's a fact. Though I do love lamb and chicken, I prefer fish over the two; and I prefer vegetables over the three. Why I'm so fat is one of the seven wonders of the world. However, tonight, I met my meaty weakness.

My big bro wanted to treat us sibs to a nice burger bakar dinner and he was all psyched up about this joint in seksyen 7 called Bob Republic. I honestly think I'd get lost if I were to have to find the place myself, but I believe most people would know where Aba Bookstore is, right? This place is kinda right in front of it but you kinda have to search a little. Of course, I've never known it existed in that little slot in the building but apparently they've been up and running there for 3 months already. At least that's what the chef told me. 

Personally, I'm not too crazy about the menu considering there was only one option for chicken burger. But hey, all I need is one done right, right? Right indeed! I ordered the Sky High burger which was a charcoal burger with a slab of real chicken meat dipped in their special BBQ or somethin' sauce and it was DIVINE! Honestly, it's not easy to get such a reaction out of me from this kinda food genre; I mean, I've been to Burger Bakar Abang Burn a couple of times and I still don't get what the fad's all about. But this one, yeah, I would totally come back.

Hafiz had the Double Glorious which was basically a big mac done right with two massive beef patties. I'm not too crazy about this one for two reasons; 1. I'm not too crazy about beef and 2. it can't fit my mouth and that annoys me. So yeah, perhaps if you're the kind who loves massive, beefy things, you'd love this one. 

Abang had the Lamb Mania, which I don't have a good photo of. Of course, it was lamb. No surprise there. This one had to be my second favourite after Sky High. But of course, that's only because I love lamb over beef. So, I'm not the best judge in this game. 

Akah had the ribs which came with nachos on the side and Azi ordered the Dear Lover burger which was a beef burger with a slice of beef bacon (I hate using this word). I think the real deal breaker here has got to be the dipping sauce they dip everything in because everything was good! Yea I might not have been crazy about the beef but I would've licked their sauce off if I could have. And yea, I really do prefer these over Abang Burn any day. 

Prices are also gorgeous. Their serving of 6 pieces of meatballs + fries was only RM5 and my burger (without cheese) was RM8 if I'm not mistaken. So much more worth it than McDonalds, anybody could tell you that. The only setback of this place was indeed, the place. It's really small and hidden, difficult to find especially at night. Plus it was raining just now, so I wasn't too happy about having wet soles in such a small space. It gives me nerves. I did love their lighting though. Perhaps next time I'd have the food to go and eat at the field or something, that would be perfect.

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Venue: Shah Alam Convention Centre
Section 14 Shah Alam

When you say SACC, most people around here are more than familiar with the SACC Mall and everybody knows that the Convention Centre is just across the road. What most people DON'T know however, is that the convention centre has a cute dine in area called the Westside Bistro that operates daily. The place is really comfortable and not overtly fancy, which is a definite plus in my book because it doesn't make you feel intimidated or uncomfortable. Simply perfect for entertaining for both leisure and business occasions. 

On Monday, I had the opportunity of having lunch at this Westside Bistro and it just so happened that they currently have a lunch buffet promo which, I believe, had begun since October 1st 2014, featuring awesome Thai and Nyonya dishes. Just viewing the dishes alone made me decide to call it a cheat day off of my currently ongoing rice-free diet. Everything looked divine! What's one day off going to do, right?

I knew I had to take a bite out of everything. Just look at how beautifully loaded my plate was! Haha! So, let me fill you in a little about the buffet in general first. This Thai and Warisan Nyonya lunch promo menu is available from 12PM - 3PM every Monday to Friday priced at RM45+/pax. What's even better news is that there's a 50% ladies only discount every Friday! If I understood correctly, they alternate  the dishes between 5 different menus daily, so there's no getting bored. 

I had the luxury of having a go at their Thai Mussaman Curry (think Thai and beef curry infusion - not too thick like Indian curry, yet incredibly tasteful), Chicken Pong Teh, Kailan Belacan, a ton of Kerabu, and my personal favourites, Udang Kapitan and Fried Fish in Thai Sauce. The prawns of the Udang Kapitan were really juicy and full, exactly how I love my prawns. FYI, I've been incredibly prawn-deprived lately. The only one who loves cooking in this house is my dad and unfortunately though, he'll always manage to somehow or another ruin the prawn dishes every time attempted. So, you can just imagine how much in love I was with the Udang Kapitan, not only were they cooked just enough to preserve the texture, the broth was a wonderful blend of mild spiciness (mild in my book at least). 

Then we have the Fried Fish in Thai Sauce. I'm a lover of all things spicy; but when the spice is married with just the right amount of sweetness, then it's gold. I guess it was something I grew up with because since I was little, my late mom had always had a way of balancing those two opposite poles of tastes and coming up with the right kind of spiciness. And since forever, we've appreciated the sweet and spicy combination. This fried fish was just that and I definitely would've gone for seconds if I wasn't already filled to the brim after the first plate.

Do forgive the atrocious handwriting.

Speaking Thai and Warisan Nyonya, I know I should've paid more attention to the different sorts of Kerabu served. I know they had the Kerabu Kacang Botol, Som Tam and Kerabu Ayam, but I just took everything and I forgot to identify which is which. I'm such a genius sometimes. Though it's pretty clear that I'm no Kerabu expert, I personally loved the green one you see resting in a pile next to the Chicken Pong Teh and this one with the bean sprouts (photo below). To non-spicy-food-eaters, don't be intimidated by the chilis you see, they don't bite.

They also had a Tom Yam section serving Tom Yam Gong; but I'm not much of a Tom Yam person. Just had to note it. Oh but what I am much of a fan of was their Ikan Bakar served with Nyonya Sauce! Can't believe I forgot to mention this one earlier. I know what fish is and I know when food is good, but I couldn't name and differentiate between the types of fishes to save my life. So, I have no idea what fish they used but the meat was a shade of orange. I would've guessed it was Salmon but I can't say for sure or you'd kill me if I was wrong. The fish was served exclusively on its own in between the rest of the rice dishes and the noodle booth, under this fancy orange lighting making it look doubly appetizing. On its side was the Nyonya sauce. I believe it was something like the Kuah Asam Cicah thing you eat with like grilled beef strips or something. I did take a few shots at em but the photos were shaky thanks to the really tall and intimidating uncle standing behind me. Bet he thought I was annoying for getting in his way of lunch. 

Of course, some fresh fruits for starters and delicious baked goods for desserts are absolutely necessary. Situated much closer to the dining area was the fruit and dessert section, offering a myriad of toothsome cakes, pies, local and western puddings as well as buburs (saying 'porridge' just doesn't make the cut). I sampled their Pumpkin Pie, Cheese and Blueberry Cake, Carrot Cake, Marble Cheese Cake, this adorable Chocolate Cake with sprinkles and my absolute favourite, Bread Pudding and sauce. If you've read my previous review on their bread pudding during the Sinar Ramadhan Buffet last July, you'd know I was a tad bit disappointed that it wasn't served with any dressing. So, when I saw the bowl of cream sauce next to the bread pudding serving dish, I was ecstatic! Damn, I love food.

Btw, if you're still wondering about getting there and parking and everything, let me fill you in on that too. I had arrived at just a little past 12PM and it was a Monday, so it definitely was office lunch hour time. I've never parked in the Convention Centre underground parking before, so I pulled up to the entrance and scouted the pricing - I almost choked. No way was I going to pay RM5 for parking when I only came to have lunch. So, instead, I decided to make a lap around the building and headed towards the SACC Mall's open parking space instead. Finding a parking was no trouble at all, I managed to secure a shady spot facing the Convention Centre and from there, it just took me about 3 minutes to grab my things, lock up, cross the road and enter the building via the side entrance. It would've taken me roughly the same amount of time to enter the mall if I had just headed the opposite direction.

Now, you should know that though you can't really make out the Westside Bistro from outside the building, finding it once you've entered has got to be the easiest thing to do. If you're coming in through the side entrance (facing Kompleks PKNS), just immediately turn to your right and if you entered through the front, just head left. The corner in between the two entrances is where the bistro is - really easy.

Overall, I would say the menu was a definite delectation to the taste buds. Unfortunately, I can't come as often as I'd like considering my rice-free diet thing. However, I would love to recommend this Thai and Warisan Nyonya Lunch Buffet especially to those who appreciate the delectable Asian taste for spice and succulent, meaty dishes. It's a wonderful alternative for a business class lunch experience and especially to the ladies, you don't wanna miss out on their Friday ladies discount! And to the guys, here's an ideal option to treating your partners, and mothers and daughters, something fancy and delicious without having to go broke afterwards.

Thanks a bunch SACC for all the glorious food! 

Taken with my Canon 600D.

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