Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hey guys! So many ppl have been asking me about asasi TESL in UiTM; how to get in, what are the requirements etc. To make things simple, let me tell you guys all I know here okies!

How to get in?

Well, firstly, you may apply using the EASY way, which is through the UPU system, like how most ppl fresh from SPM did. If you're an SPM leaver, you should know the UPU system; however, I'll tell you guys anyways. UPU (Unit Pusat Universiti) is a department that eases student's applications into universities by the Ministry of Higher Edu. This system is well known amongst SPM leavers as it has been introduced in schools, and their first phase of registration have been done since before they sat for SPM (at least that's how I did mine xD). However, UPU does not only accept registration and applications from new SPM leavers but anyone at all. May it be for undergraduate course, foundation courses or even post graduate courses. For more info, I suggest you visit the site link here.

Unfortunately, Asasi TESL, in UiTM at least, does not open for December intakes. However, if you did miss UPU, maybe you can try applying manually through the UiTM online application form. I'm not quite sure if it IS available there though. If it's rly necessary, you can check tht out through the link provided above, k! ;)

What are the requirements?

I've divided this section into two for ease of reference.

General UiTM application requirements.
1. You must be at least 16yrs old by the closing date of the application.
2. Bumiputera
3. Malaysian
4. Meet the minimum requirements needed for the chosen course (will be further explained later)
5. You are not currently taking up courses in other IPTs/Colleges/Polytechnics, EXCEPT for final semester students in either UiTM diploma courses or Kolej Bersekutu UiTM such as Kolej Shahputra, Kolej IKIP Kuantan and Kolej UNIKOP.
6. Passed SPM with at least 5 "kepujian" (lol) with which one of them MUST be BM.

ASASI TESL requirements.
1. Acquire "kepujian" for either of these subjects (in SPM): Mathematics/AddMaths
2. Acquire at least an A- (in SPM) for: English

*Pass the faculty's interview and written test. (You will be called for this test and interview only AFTER you've applied for the course. So, don't worry your heads off thinking about this first okies ;D)

Thinking about applying already? :D

Many people, including so many of my friends, decides not to take up Asasi TESL because of the dreaded interview. And I'd ask them, "why don't you want to go for the interview?". And some of the typical answers I get are "I know I won't pass" and "I'm not good enough". Excuse me dear readers, if you haven't even sat for the interview, how can you tell you're not gonna make it? Hey come on! Chill!

So many of our schools students aren't very well soft skill-trained, and this is the major problem in this case. Lack of soft skills equals lack of confidence, which equals to "I know I won't pass".
Therefore, only the more reason for you to enter TESL!

What's ASASI TESL all about?

Asasi TESL is more like a preparatory course as it not only take up only 2 semesters, but it also focuses on the main aspects of the English language - listening, speaking, reading, writing, as well as grammar. However, as it is still nevertheless a prepraratory teaching course (TEACHING English as a Second Language), subjects regarding Education and Malaysia is also inserted such as Malaysian Studies.

The great thing about entering Asasi TESL is that, like other foundation and diploma courses, during the studying period, you'd have to take up MUET, which comprises of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing tests, that are nothing but all too similar with what is taught in class. So, you'd not only needn't have to find time for extra revision to prepare yourself for MUET, you'd also have guiders, experienced lecturers who might even have a say in preparing the MUET exams - first hand teachers!

Apart from that, in the second semester, you'd also be taking up an introductary Literature course. Unlike what you learn in schools, Literature tests in universities don't have an answering scheme. I personally see it as the one and only subject where I can express and answer as if I'm blogging or criticizing, or better yet picking on ppl. lol. Cuz there's no wrong answers, as long as you can prove your statement. Ain't that great?! (I love it cuz I'm a failure at remembering things and courses like Law and Psychology would simply kill me)

Why should I take up TESL?

Before I blabber about my agenda to attract ppl into TESL (lol) let me address some of the reasons why ppl are so afraid of TESL:
1. They think they're not good enough.
2. Afraid of the interview.
3. Don't want to be a teacher.
4. Not interested in English.
5. So many more. x)

Did any of those reasons apply to you? If so, I'll tell you why you're just being indicisive and dellusional.

Firstly, like I've stated before, you'd never know whether or not you're good enough for the course if you haven't sat for the interview. Don't picture the interviewers as monsters who'd gobble you up if you make a single grammatical error, instead, see them as computers that would ask questions, recieve your answers, evaluate them and lastly give you the final result. Ain't that easy? (Lets pray the lecturers don't read this eh xD)

Now, you say you don't want to be a teacher? Whosoever said TESL is stuck with teaching? Yes, true enough you'd learn about education alongside the core English subjects, and your practical in the 7th semester of B. Ed (Hons) TESL (the TESL degree programme) would be teaching in schools, but you would not be bounded to further teaching when you've completed your studies, unless of course you took the KPM's scholarship. Many people get the wrong idea, saying that TESL graduates MUST teach for a minimum of 5 years. No ppl, only scholarship recipients have to.

Hold on! We're clearly running off course here! That's about degree in TESL, not Asasi. Urgh! (I'm very easily distracted T_T)

Oh yea, I forgot to mention; after you've completed your Asasi TESL, you wouldn't be sucked into B. Ed TESL straight away. You'd have to reapply and sit for yet another interview (besnye). So you see, entering Asasi TESL does not mean you HAVE to persue your degree in TESL as well. You may well enough change courses altogether as long as you meet the requirements for those courses.

Now, if you think you're not interested in English then it's best that you don't take up the course, regardless of whether or not you meet the requirements. However, here's my little story:

My big brother was in TESL before. It wasn't his choice, it was my parent's. My bro wanted to do arts or design and he was utterly frustrated for not having the autonomy of choosing his own future. But whtever it was, he followed my parent's demands. He's now graduated and furthering his masters degree in UM, taking up Social Literature or something. Oh yea, he ENJOYED his pre-TESL and TESL deg days.

Now, I wasn't exactly the right brain type, I loved maths and chemistry and especially because my brother was doing TESL, I wanted to run away from it as far as I could. But, the same thing happened, I so longed for Industrial Chemistry but my parents forced me into TESL. What happened? Read my blog and you'll know. ;)
I'm an English freak now. I have changed and improved myself a whole lot through both my soft skills and general knowledge. I have developed a liking and passion for education and guess what, it ain't killing me. :p

What I'm stressing here is, don't create a barrier when there isn't one to begin with. But of course, if you think it isn't for you then don't; cuz if you do and soon regret, you might end up blaming me and my big mouth for everything. :p

Goodluck to all applicants!

PS: If you have any questions you may comment this post and I'll get straight to ya or you may also visit me on formspring and ask all you like.

Happy to assist, Lindonut. :D


ariff said...

this is like, real cool
now if someone would ask me the same question, may i use your blog as a reference? :)

Lin O said...

no problemo! xD

but it's not complete tho. hee. :D

BonBon's Beats said...

hey midah. pandai ko tarik budah2 terjerumus ke kancah TESL yer? kononnya Asasi TESL tu seperti syurga.
Mrk belom rase mcm mane nak matinya handle Drama kita dulu and macam mana nak gila nya memerah otak kita untuk Memorise Every Single Word yg Kak Siah ajar kita in Malaysian Studies(erm, dia ngajar ke dulu? ngee~)
never the less, missed the moment kita hampir2 kena halau from the library duk sana terbahak2 ketawa tunggu kelas kemunculan tiba. haha
anyway, aku nye blog dah tkr URL tau (in case ko x update laa)

Lin O said...

HAHA! of course r boniuddin. syurga tesl is tesl square tu kot. mne lg budak kite nk bergembira, almaklum la, kita kn dianaktirikan. haha! weii, wat drama cm nk gile tu r yg plg aku rindu kot. rindu u'olls sume taw! nnt reuion doraemon kite wat kt kelas engineering yg kitorg conquer dlu tuh nk? yg ade dak engine dok study kt blakang tu tuh. HAHA! sumpah rindu kot.
lg 1, pttnye ko brtrimakasih kt kaksiah sbb jual bku mlysian studies tu kt kite taw. sleeping pill yg xpnah habes! hahah! ko x rindu kak aina ke? :D

Boniface Paul Banta said...

Kak Aina aku ada berFB ngan dia..semakin ligat melahirkan yer semenjak dua menjak ni.haha
Lagipun, aku pun xsure buku Malaysian Studies kita tu aku dah byr ke x..Mintak2 di halalkan lah segala pengetahuan aku mengenai sejarah Msia tu ek. haha..sanggup ko nak reunion kat fac engine tu? at least tmpt yg ok cket..kat Anggerik Deli ke..aku rindu Black Peppered Chix Chop kat ctu.

Lin O said...

HAHA! Woii! ko neh nk cmmt pon agk2 r. pcah prot aku dol. xD
jarang nmpk kak aina skng, rindu gk. xp
aku rse cm asasi da lme gile berlalu dol. pdhal bru sethn. :')
tol gk kn, tingt lak carbonara fetuccini kt Anggerik Deli. xD
tp ktorg xpnah g sne sume doremon kot. amek la tmpt sentimental sket. mintak kt intec nk pinjam kawasan bwh library tu ke. bes gk. haha!

~Jaajiijuu~ said...

haha. yeah very good article.

in da beginning, i'm same with u. taking tesl as my parents choice, not me. but the fact is, tesl course is so wonderful. impruv our english..,& many many more benefits at all.

good luck in ur future! teslianz ^__^

Anonymous said...


Pls visit this link, read few'll find it very funny and unique..


Lin O said...

jaa: oh yea! hope to see you here in shah alam in july! :D

Lin O said...

anonymous: thx and thx! yea mmg funny :D

Tharwa said...

Almost everybody I know recommends TESL. I wasn't so sure about it but it seems a terrific idea, of course.
I'll see how my UPU goes.

Lin O said...

Tharwa: hey good fer you! yea sure hope your application goes well. good luck! Tell me if you make it ea. :D

knowg said...

hoh this is awesome! i mmg minat giler lah nak amek tesl! =D baru je dpt result spm & opkos apply asasi tesl uitm! XD harap gila dapat pi interbiu & dapat lah masuk course ni.. ;)

Lin O said...

wow, blum pape pon da enthusiastic mcm neh. Good for you!! Hope you get in, tell me if u do k xD

btw, i think my lil brother pn nak amek the same course kot.

iera said...

hi there..
thanks 4 the helps me a lot! actually,,i'm just wondering mcm mane written test tu diadakan?

Anonymous said...

ader tips ak ntok temuduga asasi tesl di uitm?
slalu intebiu tesl neh dorg soh bwt pe ek?

Lin O said...

iera: ur welcome. :) the written test would be conducted on the same day as the interview, usually starting with the test. It may be in any form of simple essay; compare and contrast, factual, short story etc. But don't worry too much bout the test, I did terrible in mine dlu. (biase la kn 3 bulan x pgang pen. HAHA!)

Lin O said...

anonymous: hey there. thx for the question, i've actually posted an entry on that (interview) recently. you can check it out here!

if you have nemore questions, do ask ;)

Anonymous said...

bile ek intrview TESL??
dyeowng bg suwat kt umah o ite kene ajen nenok internet??
help me!!!!
asasi TESL my 1st choice in UPU..!!


Nana said...

This is awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing this knowledgeable information. Anyway, i choose Tesl as my top choice for UPU form so is it a big chance for me to become a lecturer in the future instead of teacher? Thanks :)

Lin O said...

liyana: hey liyana! good to know you chose tesl. hope you make it thru. :) btw, sry dear but for the interview call, you'd have to check online. I'm not rly sure when it'll be out tho. but don't wry, news alwys trvels fast ;)

Nana: heyy nana! haha. good fer you also. oh i WISH! if only it were that easy to secure a place in the lecturing field. unfortunately, it ain't :p

however, placing tesl as your first choice does give you a bigger chance of being called for the intrview. ;D

Anonymous said...

nak tanye skit la...
after finishing asasi TESL
can i choose other degree courses as i please? cause im very interested in business study but the course is not available in shah alam...
neway, can i go to other degree courses upon completing my asasi TESL?

thanks in advance
asasi TESL '10 applicant

Lin O said...

acap: yes acap, as a matter of fact, many of my asasi friends have taken up degree courses in other programs, one of them being business studies here in shah alam. you can indeed apply for other degree programs after you've completed your asasi in tesl. however, it would depend ofcourse on whether or not you meet the requirements for the program. you can search up the requirements through the uitm website

however, if its business you're interested in, i wouldn't worry too much because a guy friend of mine did the exact same thing and is currently in his 2nd semester of degree in business studies here in shah alam. :)

Anonymous said...

its me acap again,

glad to hear bout the reply, but im still confused... i asked the asasi intake unit and they told me that they're not very sure about going from asasi tesl to degree in business study. I asked them myself at Selangakah Ke UiTM expo last month.
Did your friend take asasi or diploma in tesl?

Lin O said...

acap: yea well sometimes customer service pon cnt give us answers we want kn. my friend took asasi tesl, same batch as me. unfortunately, because he didn't do real well, he decided to try something else after finishing asasi and he did.

it's like this. a few years ago, asasi tesl was called pre-tesl and after the one year preparatory program, the students were automatically sucked into degree tesl here in uitm s.alam. but they changed the system so as to allow students to choose their own degree programs after completing asasi instead of being forced to take up tesl degree. so dont worry about not being able to pursue in other courses, however, you should check out the course's requirements first. you know, just in case it requires some extra passings that are not offered in asasi tesl.

Anonymous said...

I've already checked the requirements for this program at the selangkah expo, it seems that my grades were sufficient to enter asasi tesl, im really hoping that i'll be called for the interview :).During the interview... do i need to speak in english?. if yes then.. i'll have a huge problem since my soft skill & speaking really2 sucks =_= is there any way that you can do to help me improve my language? Thanks in advance

ghufran said... are really good..hope 2 see u in person...haha..may i ask something..what are we going to learn in tesl?

A Y S S Y A said...

so , what exactly do they ask during the interview ?

Lin O said...

acap: oh yes of course! the whole means of the interview is to see your speaking skills. :D but don't worry too much about it, just use these few days you still have left to practice using the language again, cuz without daily practice it's gonna be 3times the stress. xD

ghufran: haha, thx. tho i do believe you were exaggerating. like i mentioned in the post, you'd be focused on listening, speaking, reading, and writing, as well as grammar. you'd also have literature (my personal favourite) and also general studies like either moral or islamic edu and edu history. but don't wry bout the these subjects cuz they're only minors. ;D

ayssya: you can check out my post regarding this here. expect very general questions, it could be about anything at all. what movies do you like, have you been out of the country, etc. the purpose of the interview is just to see whether or not you can speak the language. ;D

14girl said...

hai...i would like to ask some questions since i have to attend the interview this saturday...i'm freakin' scared but at the same time i'm also excited...about the interview,do they do it in groups or alone?normally,how many candidates do they choose after the interview?any advice for me during the interview?

Lin O said...

14girl: hey there. the intrview would be done individually, no group discussions. and usually, they'd only pick 10% out of all standing candidates. which is around 200 out of 2000 applying. :)
for further info regarding the intrview, you can check it out here!

yana said...

hi sis! thanks 4 ur info. i'll have my intview this sundy at uitm kuantan. quite curious bout the writing test. what it's all bout?

thanks dear..
btw,gdluck my frens!

Lin O said...

hey yana. congrats! the writing test is just like in school, only without the stress of being graded. the purpose of it is just for the interviewers to compare between your writing and speaking skills. maybe you'd have to write a short essay or something about general topics. no need to study so much. :p

rin said...

cool... this rly clears the shroud around tesl.... for me anyways... so... mind telling me what cn u work as when u grad with tesl?

rin said...

o yea.... 2 mo q... any chance of goin overseas with tesl? im not gonna stay in malaysia alone while my frenz r enjoying the snow in uk or sumthin XD... n umm..any advice 4 last minute research 4 tha intervu? coz its 2morrow n ive been doin nuthin but sleep...

Lin O said...

rin: hey rin. no problem ;) actually, there's an bundance of careers you can pursue with a B.Ed TESL's degree. Main line professions are of course teaching - secondary school teachers/lecturers/tution teachers/etc. Apart from that, your cert would also be valid in private sectors - customer service/attendants/service firms/etc. Plus, you'd also have an extra advantage if you plan to pursue master's degree in courses like social science/law/business studies. Good communicative skills and fluent English is being inquired almost everywhere nowadays. Its just a matter of knowing where to look. ;D

About pursuing overseas. There is a chance for you to do so while taking TESL degree, but of course, the chance is one in a hundred at the very least. And you've got to rly strive for it. However, if you grad B.Ed TESL with a CGPA of at least 3.5, you can even be offered to do your masters overseas by the faculty, fully funded.

That's exactly what I'm gonna do. ;D

rin said...

yea thx girl... gud luck on that.. haha

rin said...

o yea... wat's the meaning of 'bawa dokumen2 berkaitan'? wat 2 bring?

Lin O said...

rin: thx! haha, dokumen berkaitan means whatever certificates or slips you have. bring the original as well as a certified copy of all of them.

Anonymous said...

hello, i'm going to the asasi tesl interview, which is tmrw.
my problem is now, i don't get myself prepared much for the interview.
could u tell me, what do the interviewers usually ask during the interview?
i'm begging. :(

Lin O said...

anonymous: tho this reply might be alrdy too late, you can still check out my post on the intrview here.

Anonymous said...

hye, kak! em, actually i'm quite confused because my mom told me to be a teacher since i really interested in tesl. i also have gone through the interview for asasi tesl few days ago at uitm shah alam. so for preparation, i want to ask about my next career which is english teacher after i finish my foundation n degree then what should i do? how about a teacher under kpm? help me coz i'm really confused. :))

Lin O said...

hye there!
firstly, i'm so proud of you! i applaud your interest and your wanting to be a teacher! ;D
it's simple dear, firstly, you'd enter asasi tesl. it's a one year program and since it is a preparatory program for tesl, so you'd be required to take up MUET after your first semester and MEDSI test after your second. MEDSI is a filtering test that would determine whether or not you have the personality to be a teacher. and to enter tesl degree, you'd HAVE to pass MEDSI.
once you've gotten into tesl degree, you can take the automatic or manual way of registering under KPM afterwards.

automatic: when you enter tesl degree, apply for scholarship under KPM and after you graduate you'd automatically be posted somewhere by KPM. you'd have a five year contract with KPM and after you've completed 5 yrs, you can just continue teaching.

manual: you don't take KPM's scholarship, instead, you only register under KPM after you've graduated. however, this might take a while and maybe you wont be posted very soon.

i hope that explains your question, ask further if you wanna know more ok! ;D

Anonymous said...

oh, i got it, sis.
ur english is so great.
do u learn all of this in uitm?
actually i'm worried about my english..
either to write or speak :(
because of this weakness, i'm afraid to take this course..maybe i wouldn't grad with excel later..

Lin O said...

haha. thx dear but i've still got tons to perfect myself. :)
but i must say, entering tesl uitm ofcourse improved both my speaking and writing abilities enormously.
dont worry too much about not being perfect, thats what learning is for anyways right ;D
look, anyone can achieve excellence if they strive for it. you've got the basics. all you've gotta do now is learn and love what you're learning. you'll undoubtly excel ;)

Anonymous said...

almost perfect la sis,
don't be humble ;)
btw, how old r u?
em, u said that, u love arts and of coz u have talent on that, right?
how about your degree? taking arts??
not to forget, thx 4 all this information.
i appreciate it.
later, i will buy roti canai for u okeyh >.<
haha, if i get into tesl le.

Lin O said...

haha. :p
thx i guess. lol!
im 20 alrdy. xD n u? btw, wht's your name?
arts? i wish. haha. I used to draw tons of anime, but haven't done that in a while. T_T
im currently in my 2nd semester taking b.ed (hons) tesl :D
no problem at all! im real glad to help ;D
HAHA! alright! itu yg nk denga tu! haha!
wish you the best of luck then ;D

Anonymous said...

eyh, my full name is too long,
but u can call me lini lah :D
em, i also love arts , sori to say not anime! ;p
em, im 18 le.akak, i think i still got a lot to ask u about i think that..emm,can i have ur number? (if can :) )em, if cannot, no matter..i understand.
70 cent je la.xp.hehe

Lin O said...

hey lini! haha love the name xD
rly? this is the first time someone tells me they dont like anime, cuz i don't either! i LOVE drawing them, but HATE watching them! xp
hey no problem la ;D
but i cant give it to you here. maybe you can add me on YM or skype or sumink k ;D

70cent? what 70cent? HAHA!

Anonymous said...

haha, roti canai tuh le.hee ;p

em, ok2, can give it to me through fb?
ym, skype, sumink, got probs la ;D
fb,ms, yahoo mail

ok, i'll call u later okeyh! :DDD

Lin O said...

btul jgk kn 70 cent (saya slow). HAHA!
i added u on fb, ttyl eh. :D

sarahfadzil said...

i got tons of questions for u
*since u r d expert* ;)
how was it like in uitm?
how many people r there in 1 class?
is it crowded?
what do u mean by 'di anak tirikan'??
sounds creepy to me..hehe..
n ya..penginapan student asasi?
in small rooms @ dorms?

lastly *sorry for the on going questions*
what type of bags do u recommend to be used?
backpack/ totebag, cause I can't seem to work out which one is more suitable for an asasi student..

thank you kaka-lotx of luv

Sya said...

So I don't have to be a teacher if I choose to go for this course ? Can I become something else like an editor instead ?

Lin O said...

sarah: HAHA! expert la sgt kn. :p i have to be honest la, i had the most wonderful experience studying here! tipu la if i said there weren't any bad memories at all, all those times tension putting up with assignments, xtido mlm, bus driver lambat and stuffs. tapi in th end, you won't regret it cuz it's all part of the experience and it makes you the person you turn out to be in the end. ;)

during my time dlu, altogether there were only 83 ppl, divide that into 4 classes, so each class had more or less 21 students la. but i heard that they are accepting more students now, so maybe you'd have more classes or more classmates. ;D
lol. dianaktirikan tu is because our faculty in shah alam ni is situated in the premises of INTEC in section 17, and not in the main campus in section 1. So, kira mcm ank tiri INTEC la. :p
we stayed in rooms of 4, don't worry, its better than dorms to me. ;D
bags? haha! funny la u nie sis, actually, its up to you. if you feel fine with backpacks, then of course it would be much more convenient. but tote bags are fine just the same, plus they're less messy (i think). bwk la one of each :D pastu kalau xckup, de alasan nk g shopping lak kn. HAHA!

sya: hye sya! yes2 indeed! qualified english graduates are always seeked in editorial departments. because people know, even if you can speak english very well pon, but if you are not trained formally to use the language you wouldn't necessarily be able to edit well, cuz editing requires one to know the language inside out, find mistakes and paraphrase correctly without at all changing the meaning. stuffs like that la. get it? hee. :D

Sya said...

Yay :) I feel so relieved . Thanks :D

sarahfadzil said...

thanks kaka-i bought a tote bag recently--haha,pretty good price la..*according to ur advice tau...*

Anonymous said...

hye sis!!sorry to barge in like this but I'm desperate n in need of help n ur the only one that i think can..1)are there any scholarships offered beside KPM's/can I just apply for PTPTN??2)if i pursue masters degree in english do i have a chance to be a lecturer then??3)n i heard that some graduates from tesl uitm ended up teaching only primary schools/is it only a meaningless rumour?4)how is the duration for the masters degree programme??..i'm sorry 4 asking too much but i'm really at a lost here..

mien said...

sis, im taking TESL Foundation in UiTM.
saja nak tanya, susah tak study ni? :D

Anonymous said...

okay testing 1 2 3,
im taking asasi tesl in uitm and ive heard that if you study hard and get high pointers, uitm will offer scholarships to those students who excel, hence offering them to become tutors / lecturers @ uitm after graduation. is this true ? this thing has been bugging my mind since the interview, so please gimme the answer :D

Lin O said...

sya: you're welcome :)

sarah: haha! laju je gi beli ea! hey btw, you got melaka right? tht's ok sis, maybe we'll see you here for degree later then ea ;D

anonymous 1: haha! no problem. always happy to help!
1) for asasi TESL, there isn't any scholarships offered at all. however, you'd get allowances from the ministry, and believe me, it's more than enough! xD you are also not eligible to apply for PTPTN just yet. Only diploma and above are allowed to take PTPTN.
2) yes2, very much indeed.
3) actually, with just a degree in TESL from uitm, you are not allowed to teach in primary schools. only IPG graduates are allowed to teach in primary schools. so don't worry, there's no such thing.
4) masters degree rly depends on the place you go bcuz different universities offer slightly different number of semesters and some even uses trimesters.
hope that answered your Qs :)

mien: haha, nothing is difficult, but nothing is easy as well. ;D

anonymous 2: yes that's true, but it isn't for asasi TESL students. It's called the young lecturer's scheme and its only offered to degree students who graduate with a CGPA above 3.7 :)
they would be offered to be a lecturer as well as to further their masters degree funded by uitm. sounds heavenly right :p

Anonymous said...

sis!!tq so much!u've helped a lot..:)

Anonymous said...

okay, thanks for clearing that up kak :D

Anonymous said...

dats i feel really inspired..huhu..
i will enter UITM in kuantan for Tesl..but my mom,she does not like it.she keep forcing me 2 enter Maktab..hell no!!..i want to study in UiTM watever it takes..but what if,IF..i fail de exams n i cannot further my study anymore???

Fathin Amirah said...

Thank you for your info.
It really helps.
i've passed my Foundation in TESL interview, and looking forward for the 'studying' part.
but, It's somehow freaks me out. haha
i hope it wont be 'that' hard though.. :P

Thanks again !

Lin O said...

anonymous 1: you're most welcome!! :D

anonymous 2: no problem! ;D

anonymous 3: hehe, biase la tu; some ppl think that only Maktab would produce good educators; while others prefer it only for the chance to further overseas. but i don't think they're offering it anymore now anyways. :p
haha. don't get too freaked out just yet. there's nno reason for you to fail anything, especially in asasi. just do your assignments, don't miss deadlines, attend quizes and exams and you'll be fine. ;D

Fathin: hey no problem sis ;D glad to hear that! haha, no worries, the fun part's bigger than the hard part. :p i'm sure you'll enjoy studying here ;)

Touch the Damn Sky said...


omg... i <3 u!
i read your blog before i go for my interview... and you damn right that it helped me a LOT!!!! XD

and now i got to go to UiTM Kuantan!!! woot! thank you! thank you!!! if i ever meet you im gonna give you a treat at Big Apple i swear. lol.

again, thanks a bunch. tons. anything. i <3 you.

Touch the Damn Sky said...

OHHH!! i forgot to ask this..
is it true that we could pick our roommates?? :D tq

Anonymous said...

hi there sis!
i'm curious if there's other scholarships offered beside the KPM's one during the study in TESL's degree?i'm kind of uneasy of the thought of teaching for 5 years..huhu..hope u can help..:)

FaHMiCHi said...

there's a lot of girls here fer sure....

1st-in the asasi or degree there's a small amount of boys rite?

2nd-n i oledy got asasi in uitm shah alam,n can i just continue mt degree(perhaps) in shah alam also?
bcoz i'm from northern region,kedah
melaka n kuantan are too far for me

3rd-and for degree we do have to take loans from ptptn?
there's no loans from mara ke?
means if we get higher pointers,we pays less

thats it for now,eventhough i hav a lot of questions actually....
thanx a lot 4 the above informations

Lin O said...

Nabila McFlurry: HAHA rly?? you know it rly pays off hearing i actually did sumink good. haha! btw, congrattss on getting kuantan! you're gonna love it!! xD big apple?? YAY!! I'm so gonna rmember tht! haha! actually it depends on the college committees for the semester. I cant rly say whether or not you'd be able to choose your roommates cuz it depends on how the committee in charge would carry out the registration process, either its free registration, or according to course or what. sry dear!

anonymous: KPM scholarship isn't compulsory n yea, i pon don't like the idea of being forced to teach for 5 years. unfortunately however, that is the ONLY public scholarship offered to language students. JPA n stuffs don't open for language students becuz they WANT us to take the KPM one. however, there's always PTPTN to look out to. :p n if they haven't changed it yet, with PTPTN too, you wouldn't need to pay back if you graduate with a certain minimum CGPA. I think it's 3.8 and above, I THINK la. :DD so you see, in the end it's just the same jgk. ;D

Fahmichi: haha! biase la tuu. xp
1. yea it usually is like that. i guess most boys prefer courses cm engineering n stuffs kot.
2. degree in whatever education course is only available in shah alam. the only education course in kuantan and alor gajah, melaka is asasi tesl. so don't wry, you'd still be in shah alam. :D
3. this one you can refer to the answer i gave to 'anonymous' above ni. ;D

if you have anything else to ask just ask away ok! btw, congrats for getting tesl shah alam! :D see you soon!

Anonymous said...

ive got a question..after asasi tesl..?
what are other courses that awaits besides
deg in tesl..?
can i take up health sciences or sumthing like that..?
pls help..TQ in advance.

FaHMiCHi said...

so we hav 2 stay in the uitm n we hav 2 attend the class in INTEC?
u did mention dat the faculty is there rite?
have 2 travel via bus n asasi students can't bring any vehicles?
i dun rilly like to go to INTEC,to attend fer class sice there's a girl who broke my heart studied there since february....=(
she's taking medic fer russia

Lin O said...

anonymous: it is possible for you to pursue a degree in courses other than tesl, but it depends on the course's requirement la. you should check out in advance, just visit the university's website and lookout for undergraduate application requirements. ;D

fahmichi: lohh thats too bad. but yea, classes are at INTEC. but you know, it doesn't matter. she's not gonna be there long anyways cuz intec students will soon fly kn. so she broke your heart before, so what? you're gonna meet so many new ppl tht'll matter more than any pretty girl ;) think of yourself bro ;DD

FaHMiCHi said...

we hav to take a bus for the class in INTEC?
how bout de fares?

Lin O said...

fahmichi: yes2 :D
there would be a uitm bus every hour taking edu students from mawar and meranti to the faculty. but if in any cases you missed this bus, there's always a rapidKL bus available. ;)
now, this bus - you gotta pay la. every trip is RM1. but you can also purchase a monthly pass for RM40 and ride as many times a month as you want. of course la you'd wanna go out jgk kn, jln2 sume. so this pass is rly useful even if you use the uitm bus. ;)

Anonymous said...

hey lin,im just finished my diploma in business studies in UiTM and still waiting for the result that will be announced later for both result which is my diploma and my MUET.
my question is,is there any possibility for me to continue my degree in TESL since im not coming from the asasi? ive been dreaming to become an english teacher after spm and didnt get the opportunity coz i only manage to get A2 for my english and didnt get the interview. And fyi,my current result for part 5 is 3.14 and i believe it'll be maintain 3 when my final semester announced later.

yana said...

hi! me again. Alhamdulillah. i got tesl in uitm kuantan. thanks for ur advice.

makaseh akak! :)))

Lin O said...

anonymous: hello there! you wanna be a teacher?? oh gosh thats so good to hear!! :DD
well, where there's a will, there's a way, right? you can always take up degree in some linguistic course, it needn't hve to be tesl, it could be literature, or EFL (english as a foreign language) or the like. but make sure you check the requirements la taw. if you don't pass for tesl, n you take up these other linguistic courses, you can alwys take up a 1 yr teaching course aftrwards and qualify to be a teacher as well. both ways would work ;D

but of course, i don't think you wouldn't be able to apply for tesl. ;DD

yana: heyy, rly? thts great! congrats sis! now its time to enjoy college life pulak eh. ;DD

Anonymous said...

hey nice post! i want to take TESL, i never get im stuck in matriculation n i have to repeat my college year. i long to do Tesl. i got A1 for my EST,GCEO and english for Spm. but i he never get TESL course. i applied for the UPU intake, and the first choice is english. i wonder y. can u help? i dont wanna spend my miserable year in matric anymore. ive had i got nowhere to no good in math and i failed math for the 4 major exam in matric..plz help.any suggestion?? b4 it's too late

Lin O said...

anonymous: hye! its great to hear tht you're rly interested! :D dont worry, there is still a chance for you to take up tesl. ;)
you see, sometimes you'd just have to say tht this whole upu application thingy is just based on luck. cuz in your case, clearly you qualify for asasi tesl, or at least for the interview, but you weren't called, right? it could be just about anything, technical problem, or they've reached the max number they aimed for or anything. btw, it was all done electronically right, so there could just have been an error. stuffs like this would always happen, every year round. its unfortunate of course, but you can't fire computers, right? :p

so anyways, im guessing you're still in matric right now eh? tell you what, the asasi openings only opens once a year, so if you were to wait for the next opening, you wouldve completed your matric studies also. what you can do, though, is that you can finish off your year in matriculation, then afterwards apply for degree in tesl. don't worry about missing asasi tesl, cuz many ppl from matric are able to pursue their degree in tesl without having to go through asasi at all. ;D

bunny ;) said...

uwahhh, i love this post! thanks for sharing all these 8D

i am a 5th semester IT student and currently doing my practical (final year XD). its a big mistake /_\ i love language and teaching so much but i kinda got lost after SPM and ended up with this scary course. im thinking that i'd be unhappy till i grow old if i were to continue in this field so i wanna change my course 8D;; my friends said its not worth changing course after i've spent 2 1/2 years for this Dip. *sigh*

i am interested in TESL. im thinking of changing to TESL Deg after i finished this Dip. do you think its possible? IT have got nothing to do with TESL at all.. *is worried* 8D; hahaha im scared of TESL actually, m not very fluent in english. i can read write understand but not talk in english but yes, i'd love to improve tho~ /_\

sorry if im asking too much here XP im too clueless right now. i found ur blog, read this entry, it sparks my interest n made my day! my parents are the "u decide urself its ur own future. we know nothing but we support you" type. which explains why i need help sniff~ XD;;

Lindonut said...

bunny: hyee bunny! haha, name yg comel! :p
yeaa, i knowww! its a nightmare to think that you'd be stuck doing sumink you hate for the rest of your life kan (or at least till you're 55. hehe). and I'm so glad you love TESL!! not many ppl have tht passion you know ;DD (i know i didn't when I first entered :p)

anyways, dont worry about not being perfect in english just yet cuz they dont expect you to be just to enter tesl. ;)

but considering you're entering from a whole different course, i suggest you try look up the syarat2 khas for b. ed (hons) tesl somewhere in the uitm website (sry i didnt do this for you, but i've been trying so many times but failed. huhu) what i do know is that the requirements are pretty similar to the above.

atleast A2 in SPM, pass medsi interview, achieve at least band 4 for muet.

hey no worries, if you have anything else to ask pls don't hesitate okeh! :DD

bunny ;) said...

hi ya! err thx, i love nicknames, so my friends gave lotsa nicknames n yang paling melekat is bunny hee *blushes* XD and thx again for the reply *is happy*

yikesss, i dare not to imagine wtvr will happen to me if i dont change my course D: ehehe, tu lah after im in semester 2 then only i kinda realized i actually love teaching. cis kek betul.

oh its okay. ur reply makes me happy ed, after this i'll try to google around again. i've read the reqs over n over again but still clueless heehee. tp if kena ambik from asasi pun xpe kot ^^; hmm if i managed to mantain/score my current course's final CGPA i wonder if its okay.. =_=; i know the easiest way is to contact the faculty terus. dkt website uitm ade bg kan the phone for each faculty XP but im scared that i might suddenly be gagap on the phone.

un un *nods* yeah im entering tesl for the sake to improve my english and to have fun learning english and one day i can teach english to others X)

ahhh MUET? *shudders* ok, this one, me no likey. hahaa exam-hater happens to be my middle name. and i just took jlpt lastyear, the nightmare xhabis lg X3 wuu~

wee thx so much yeah! X3

p/s: i just realized that we're 1990 babies! XD haha!

Fikri Fadzil said...

Hey, you gotta help me. Right now I'm in UiTM Shah Alam doing my foundation for Medic Russia. It's just that, I don't know, I think I've made the biggest mistake of my life. I don't want to be a doctor. I hate sick people.

So, I think of applying for TESL. But how? Reply ASAP.

OK, thanks. ):

Lindonut said...

fikri: ola fikri! wait2, so you mean you're currently in INTEC, right? heyy u're so close. so anyways, bout entering tesl, no worries bro, nothing is impossible. but, like i've mentioned, asasi tesl only receive july intakes, so that would mean you can only apply next year, you have about 8-10 months to roam free before you can enter asasi. you get it right?

i would nonetheless still suggest it if you say u dont like/want to be a doctor. don't pursue something u don't like bro. u dont wanna end up a sad old man. ;D

Fikri Fadzil said...

But my sister did tell me about the 2nd intake application form to UiTM is open this 16 August (which is apparently today)? Does it mean that TESL isn't in the list of choices?

Hell, I'll become one sad old man in the future indeed.

Lindonut said...

yea, your sister's correct. uitm's second intake application does open today. but yes again, asasi tesl is not in the list of choices. only tesl degree is opened for 2nd intake. as a matter of fact, no asasi programs have double intakes. they're all opened for july intakes only (i double checked it, honest! :D)

lol. u're NOT gonna end up a sad old man, choices are never ending. u cn either wait (get a job or sumink) till the next asasi intake next year, or check out other english programs in other universities (for diploma courses) such as literature or EFL or sumink. ;D

DON'T end up a sad old man.

Writer wanna be said...

hey, u forgot to mention about all the experience and ppl they will meet here! it's definitely COOL n A-W-E-S-O-M-E as they embark on a journey to self-discovery. TRUST me, they will gain LOT especially if they get to know the seniors! You could also mention about Ethos Society where it's a club made by Legendaries of the previous batch and how ti will help them with their Drama on 2nd sem. Keep posting and attract more ppl to be TESLIANS alright!

Writer wanna be said...

one more thing, if they're scared of the interviews, maybe u should tell them the truth perhaps? That the lecturers are looking for a Tesl-student material. Like Ms. Sally use to say, "A Tesl student has to be loud, outspoken and extrovert." So they don't have to be really scared. Just be confident and humble at the same time. Tell them will yah? So that Tesl Square will be crowded with more Teslians! Haha.. Thanks!

Lindonut said...

heya writer wanna be! thx for the ideas! sure will be posting soon. most probably when im done with my assignments. lols. btw, what part r u in eh? deg sem 1 or asasi? :)

safiah sokher said...

Hi kakak,i really really really (opss I mention it 3 times) interested with this TESL stuff :D.So,umm umm during interview mereka tanya apa huh?Ahhah :D please please answer and reply this at my blog lah.boleh tak??

Saleisha Jae said...

hi kak~
I'm not so good in English but I'm not terrible either...
I'm thinking of taking asasi TESL, even my mom and aunt kinda encourage me too! They said the demand is high nowadays
Thanks for this post, at least I could know something before I make decision.
Oh ya kak, may I know what they ask during interview? please reply me~ TQ

Lindonut said...

hye dear,
dont worry too much, as long as you're willing to learn and improve, tesl is fabulous ;D
no problem! im glad to have helped! ^^

bout the interview, you can read more in my other post. just click HERE!

auni nabilah said...

hello =)
i'm glad to read your entry, i'm SPM leaver and i've apply for TESL Foundation. i'm scared if i apply for the wrong course, but i'm started to be a English freak since secondary school. because my grammar still poor, i don't think i can study at this course as well.
i'm lack in communication skills too. i'm only good in writing and reading. so, can i apply for TESL? do you have any suggestions?

Lindonut said...

auni: hye there auni :) im glad to hear you're interested in this course. if you ask me, i cant say if its right or wrong, bcuz its neither. skills can be learned my dear, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, writing, they can all be learned and true enough, all of em are gonna be taught in the foundation course. the quesion is whether or not you are willing to learn. :)
i'll post an entry tmrow on this ok. just check out my latest post by midnight k dear. :))

fado said...

hey,im interested in TESL but my english is not good.i can write but when i talk,my english is completely chaos.sometimes i can speak very well but mostly i have difficulties to speak,is there still a chance to apply for TESL?.what is our career after taking TESL?is it an english teacher?

Lindonut said...

to fado:
hye there, thx a bunch for readin :D
its rly simple, if you cn write in english well, tht means you know the command of the language. when you know the command of the language, it means you can speak it well as well. The only problem is that you may lack prctice. you do have the chance to apply for TESL still, of course. But you'd have to start prcticing your spoken skills. ;) you have 4 months dear, ;)
you should read this other entry i posted about questions like this. its at this link below:

aftrwards, if you still hve any questions, dont b shy to ask yea fado :))

dayah said...

salam kak lin.

can i know the interview date for asasi tesl uitm?n how can i know whether i get the interview or not?

i have apply for this course n i really hope that i been choose for this asasi tesl.hehe.honestly i really love tesl but i'm bit worried.i'm not sure if i certificate for this programe.even i get As for english subject n pass all syarat kelayakan but it doesnt mean that i get this course right?so please kak lin give me some advice.ASAP.i need to decide it be4 it's to late.this lately i always get worried bout this matter.

help me sis..:(

rocketchoc said...

hey,i just wanted to know more about tesl as i'm just got my spm result..somehow i found yours info are soo awesome!.now i get the point that i really wanted to know!,,tengs :)you really help me!

bububerry said...

hye! love ur post cuz it helps me a lot.. i've just received my spm result and i only managed to get A- for my english.. i was thinking to take asasi TESL in UiTM but i'm superb scared with the interview! can u give me some advice pls? tq

Anonymous said...

Hello there gorgeous :)

I have questions that really bother me that I need answering. I hope you don't mind me asking too much. :D

1. Do I have to pursue a Master's degree in TESL to become a lecturer?

2. What's the difference between the IPG English teachers and TESL graduates teachers? And also, what's the difference between a Diploma in English and TESL? Isn't it pretty much the same thing?

3. I'm just wondering whether there is a chance of pursuing a degree in TESL overseas after Asasi TESL at UiTM. I heard that a lot of future teachers would be sent to overseas to brush up their English skills.

I'm actually in dilemma of choosing between Diploma in English communication and TESL. Hope I can make the right choice. :/
And honestly, I'd like to go for something that can bring an opportunity for me to go study overseas. ;D

Thank you so much for taking your time to read and answer my questions. I really appreciate it. :) <3

Lindonut said...

Firstly, sorry guys for the late reply! >.<"
Lets start from the top yea.

Dayah: sorry dear, i don't know myself when the interview date's gonna be this year round. I don't think the date's out yet even. Sorry! However, you can keep checking the UiTM website under "Undergraduates" to watch out for the offer letter. ;D Don't worry too much dear, InsyaAllah if you meet the prerequisites, you'd have the chance to sit for the interview. All you need to do now is practice! :D

Rocketchoc: No problem ! Thx fer readin yea ;D

Bububerry: hey there! congrats on the result! Tht's good enough dah tu ;D if there's one advice i can give you for the interview is USE ENGLISH EVERYDAY startin from now! ;) Trust me, this is key! You can read more bout the interview in this link below:

Anonymous: haha. bombs away! here goes..

1. yes, you do. but there are schemes which wud allow you to take up lecturing, and THEN pursue your masters.

2. I honestly don't know much bout IPG teachers, so i dont think i can deliver a fair comparison. Same goes with Dip in English. What I DO know is tht, if i'm not mistaken, Dip in English does not allow you to become teachers as it is not a teaching course. Unlike it, the TESL course prepares you with teaching skills apart from english skills alone.

3. Chances to pursue overseas is open kat mana2 pon. Tht shouldn't be the issue. The issue is whether or not you'd go thru the trouble to get there. Most local universities offer degree courses within the country shj. However, you can always go for exchange programs or Maktabs. But even so, they don't send in the whole bulk of students nemore these days.

I understand, honestly, I'm looking forward to pursue masters overseas as well. Just gotta look out fer the chance. :D Wish you luck dear reader. Glad to have helped. ;))

Anonymous said...

hello there sis, i just wanna asak u if, let say i apply tesl, can i go further ny study at overseas ? when will i ?is it after i finish my foundation ? and how the qualification inneed to further overseas ?

Diah said...

Hi akak~ Where and when can I check if I am accepted to go to the tesl interview? I mean, some of the semakan temu duga is opened already but it for spm leavers it only say that the interview is for (bukan pendidikan.) i'm so confused... :(

bububerry said...

thanks for ur help! may god bless u ^^
nway, i'm curious ryte now. i've apply this course but when is the interview? do they send any letter or we have to go online?

Lindonut said...

anonymous: there r alwys chances to go overseas, but you gotta apply lain la for it. i'll write a post on it soon. do check back eh. :)

Diah: u cn check it either at the upu or the uitm website under undergraduate intake. i'm quite sure the results are out alrdy. :)

bububerry: no biggie ;) the interview has a couple of sessions tht takes up a couple of days. so u gotta check ur offer letter. its available online. check the upu website, it should give u a link or sumink :))

bububerry said...

oh dear i've got the interview and it is on 16th april. i know there are going to be an essay test (if i'm not mistaken) what kind of essay? i gotta brush up my writing skill now =.="

GendutGila said...

Hey :)
Im going to sit for the interview this saturday actually. Do you have any usefull tips for me to overcome this terrifying feeling?

marina hamzah said...

Hey Sis Lin! This post did helped me a lot. Thank you SO much! I'm going for the interview this Saturday but i'm still freaking out!
But after reading this post and comments, I'll felt A BIT better. lol. Just wanted to ask, they said to bring any related documents. Does it mean school certificates like any competition I involved that is related to English subject?

nsm said...

hye !

sukaa bace blog sis :)

banyak dapat info then cuak hilang sikit nak interview nanti :p

saya dapat this tesl interview on sunday dekat kuantan.

i'm not really good in speaking after all. err. masa interview nanti ada ujian bertulis kan. is it about isu semasa ?

btw, do we need resume for the interview ?

satuu lagi. interview individu ke sis ? atau berkumpulan ? he

harap sis dapat bantu. thanks :))

Anonymous said...

hye kak..i just wanna ask..cmne interview akak dlu?can u tell me ur experience?i'm afraid la cuz my intrvw will be tomorrow..tkot ni..

Lindonut said...

Hye you guys!
thanks a bunch for all the Qs. Sorry for the late reply, i've answered your Qs collectively in my newest post. you can view it here yea:

all the best! ;D

Anonymous said...

thnks for da beneficial information yea!!hopefully can study well and da most vital thing is,to score well in tesl uitm..waiting for me guys!!im coming!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.

∂α∂уαиα said...

lotsa comments O.O

well, i'm KPM scholarship recipient and doing my first degree in TESL. my lecturer said that by having a TESL cert, one can do a lot more other than teaching. can i do my master in photojournalism some day?

Lindonut said...

hye yana :)
exactly, tesl rly does give you a sea of career options to choose from. i cant say im very familiar with photojournalism, but if the name suggests anything at all then i'm sure you can. thts the beauty of studying language, english in particular for its high demand, your expertise can be branched out to SO many other fields apart from language itself.

azli said...

if I am 27years old, then am I not gonna make it through upu? then how to get a diploma in tesl..ur comment please

Lindonut said...

honestly, there's no difference if you're 27 or 47, you can apply just like other students the same. :)

Anonymous said...

hi! my name is nurul..i am freshly graduated from Office Management and Technology from Uitm..i'm kinda interested in Tesl and i would like to try question is ,do i need to apply for Asasi Tesl for one year first..and after that apply Tesl? i hope u would give me the information.. :)

Izzaty Ishak said...

Hey Lin, kalau apply December intake UiTM TESL without MEDSI boleh tak ?

I've completed my Asasi TESL. Tapi dapat band 3. I've sat for the exam for the second time and received band 4. Then if nak apply balik TESL tapi without MEDSI boleh tak?

Sebab masa dapat band 3 dulu memang tak layak dipanggil untuk MEDSI. Then how ?

Lindonut said...

im quite certain u cant enter tesl without medsi. gotta wait for the following medsi la im guessing. >.<

ray said...

hye's great i can finally ask sumone about dis..i'm interested to take up deg in tesl uitm..actually i'm a 2010 spm leaver and currently pursuing science foundation in a uni. d prob is, i can't apply to enter deg via d upu since after dis foundation, i'm bounded to further deg at my current take up deg in tesl, can i apply fr foundation in tesl uitm?(i'm a 2010 nt a 2011 spm leaver.if it's via d upu,i definitely can't apply fr it)or izit possible fr me to commence d deg in uitm with my spm?(i heard dis sumwer bt izit true?)or do i have to further dip first(it'd take 3more yrs..huhu)or do u hav any better suggestions fr me? i got band 5 in muet..i really need ur advice..thnx in advance;)

Lindonut said...

hye ray, good question there. might i ask tho, what asasi are you doing and where? Cuz there're a couple of ways you may enter tesl degree.

basically u can check out the prerequisites here:

if u're asasi sains from UM, u can jump straight into tesl deg, however, if u're from neither asasi tesl uitm nor asasi sains um, then, chances are you'd have to take up diploma first before pursuing into tesl degree becuz asasi tesl only accepts SPM-leavers of the current batch of every intake.

However, all this is based on syarat kelayakan of uitm only. I don't know how might other universities' prerequisites differ. you might wanna check em out. hope i've helped :)

najihah naz said...

salam sis...i have a few quest..
do u put tesl as ur first choice when u applied??
i got 7A and 3b which is fizik.add math and syariah islamiah...and lucky for me i got A+ for my there any possibilities i can still get into the asasi tesl with my result cuz its not that gud...

ray said...

thanx sis fr ur reply;)..i'm currently doin' asasi science n tech in islamic science uni of m'sia(usim). guess i really have to take up dip first..btw,is der anyone u know,who's now doin' deg in tesl,bt did asasi frm other universities besides um n uitm?im wondering if i can apply via uitm(nt via d upu@mohe)using my asasi result..i'm nt sure anyway whether it's in dec@sept..i wud really appreciate it if u can tell me more bout dis..thnx again;)

Lindonut said...

to najihah: wsalam, hye there. :)
yes actually, i did list asasi tesl as my first choice back then. and yes again, your result should indeed allow you to be called for the intrview if say you applied. and might i just tell you, your results are great la! congratss! hoho :D

to ray: i see, well, from the surface of it yea i guess you might just have to go thru dip first. but i would encourage you to make some calls or write in to uitm or sumthing. you never know your chances till you try, right? :) the degree semester begins in September btw. no problem, i appreciate your questions. :)

nina said...

hey there! i'm waiting for the upcoming upu results that are coming up soon and i'm really nervous about it. asasi tesl in uitm was on top of the list. well, i'm really curious about something. after the asasi, could we further studies for our degree abroad? it will definitely be based on our cgpa pointer right, but will get sponsored or what? and i do not want to be a teacher. hahah. i'm planning on going for pegawai tadbir diplomat (ptd) in wisma putra after my degree. your reply would be very much appreciated!

Hanna said...

Salam sis Lindonut :D
i really wish to c ur reply soon..
i love ur writing here.. it did increased my interest in TESL.
i wanna ask u few questions..
i got A- for English in SPM Alhamdulillah.. but is there any possibility/chance that i can b chosen for this course? i did put it as my first choice in my upu application.
secondly, can i know the schedule during the whole semester? if u dont mind, can u help me? i need to know the core subjects and all about it. i tried to find anywhere but cudnt find it :( hope u'll help.
thank you.

Hanna said...

Salam sis Lindonut :D
i wish to c ur reply soon
i have a few questions..
i got A- in English for my SPM.
is there any possibility/chance that i will b chosen into this course?
i put this course as my first choice in my upu application.
secondly, can i know the schedule for the whole semester? if u dont mind, can u help me? i web-ed many times but i cudnt find it :(
hope u can help me.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello there :D I only got B for my maths and C for addmaths in my SPM.And I got A for english. Would there be a chance for me to be picked for Asasi Tesl?

Anonymous said...

Hi akak, your entry is superb xD Btw, im in the middle of confuse whether to choose tesl or law. Which one is most has a stable carrier based on yr opinion? Thanks in advance! ^^

insyirah said...

salam sis...this monday,i'm going to seat for a tesl interview.i mean Asasi Tesl interview.can you tell me the question that they always ask during the interview?i'm really nervous right now.i really need your help....

Addin Lee said...

ASASI TESL cuma ada di Kuantan and Alor Gajah jerr kerr ??

Lindonut said...

hey, to everyone else, im sorry i didnt reply u guys in time for your interviews. i hope u did fine. :)

addin lee: nope, seksyen 17 campus in uitm shah alam also offers asasi tesl.

najihah naz said...

hye there sis..its me again...i'm gonna be in kuantan soon..hehehe..sis..upon completing our dgree...can we do the minor major thing in uitm?like when i am doing my degree in te...i pickup tesl as my major and journalisn as y minor...can that kind of thing happen?

Lindonut said...

hey najihah :)

hate to break your bubbles, but there are no longer any option for minors tht you can choose from for tesl degree. It's compulsory to take literature as your minor. But of course, tht doesn't mean you can't do anything else related to journalism if you're interested. :)

najihah naz said...

No minors anymore??kinda sad....i always thought that i can pickup smthng else as my minor...thanks for da info the way...i've heard about the "pensyarah muda"..can u tell me the qualification need in order to be selected and how many people do they select each year?

Anonymous said...


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Shaira said...

Hello there ! I've some questions that been playing in my mind lately. Heee.
1. Is uitm puncak alam and malacca offering asasi tesl too ?
2. How to register to this programme ? Where ? When ?
3. Did I've to register after I get my SPM results or my trial SPM results ?

Thank you sis :)

Lindonut said...

hye there shaira, thx for dropping by :D

here're ur answers:

1. so far only melaka, kuantan n shah alam has Asasi TESL.

2. you gotta register thru UPU while u're in school. u know UPU has many phases right, before SPM after dpt result n so on. yea, time tu la.

3. UPU is thru out if im not mistaken, right? like i said above. but of course most important is the 2nd phase tu la, yg aftr u get ur results tu.

hope this helps! :))

Anonymous said...

hye akak lin.. selalunya interview TESL bulan brapa?
kalao dh interview tp tk dpt nk buat cmne? saya sgt beminat utk jd english teacher..


ANAAziz said...

You said, "degree in whatever education course is only available in shah alam" but I checked the website for UiTM Melaka that degree in TESL is offered there. I wish to pursue this course at UiTM Shah Alam but I'm afraid that they'd send me to Melaka instead. Is it really true that degree in TESL is only offered at the Shah Alam campus?

Liyana Othman said...

The TESL degree program used to be offered in UiTM campus Melaka; but not anymore. Probably the system was never updated, heh. :P

I don't know if they're planning to continue that course in future, but at the moment and for as long as I have been in this course, Edu degree programs have only been offered in Shah Alam. :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum, now i have a question. Is there by any chance that i can get a scholarship when taking this asasi tesl programme. You know, like the other courses. Let's just say that you got an excellent result in SPM. Can you have a scholarship? If only you could share any of your own experience or your friends' that got a scholarship when taking asasi tesl. It can be from MARA or any other agency. Thank you...

Anonymous said...

kalau boleh A- bi spm, ada hrapan bleh masuk tak? tolong jawab ye. sngt memerlukan skrg ni. trima kaseh :)

Liyana Othman said...

anon 1: Waalaikumussalam. There is actually a MARA loan from KPTM that you can apply for. I wrote a whole bunch about it here:

Apart from this, you can always try private companies and all that. But most of them do not advertise this, you'd have to call em up and ask. Hope this helps!

anon 2: Yes, insyaAllah A- still boleh masuk. Masih meet the prerequisite. :)

Anonymous said...

Akak, kalau result SPM saye dpt 4A je, dpt ke kalau saye nak apply Asasi TESL ni? Saye dpt 4A1B3D1E. Yg D & E tu semua subjek science & Add Maths... score teruk sbb saye tak minat, tp terpaksa ambil. English saye dpt A+. Kalau mcm ni, ade peluang tak utk saye dpt Asasi TESL? Selain dari tu, saye ade apply for IPG jugak... just in case akak tahu, ade peluang ke utk saye dpt IPG? Ade peluang ke utk saye further study dlm bidang TESL?

Liyana Othman said...

Ola, just asking, are you the same person who emailed me? Cuz i replied the email. just wondering. heh.
Pfft, don't worry too much about addmaths, not gonna use it anyways. As long as maths u ok. about IPG tu i'm not too sure la pulak. I mean, i've never looked into their prerequisites. u should check that out.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm not :)

Maths saye dpt A- je. IPG tu saye dah gave up, since saye dengar diorang utamakan pengambilan pelakar lelaki for now. So saye bergantung ngan Asasi TESL ni je lah, since saye tak minat course2 lain. Akak tlg doakan je lah yg saye dpt offer utk TESL ni. Anyway, thank you :)

Liyana Othman said...

Ohh alright. InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki dpt la tu. ^^
You're most welcome!

Anonymous said...

wanna ask..
uaually ape yg ditnye during the interview n written test??

Liyana Othman said...

hey anon, sorry for the late reply. perhaps it's too late but i've blogged about this in this post down here:


A for Awesome said...

kak lyn, nak tanya. saya ni lepasan SPM 2012 and alhamdulillah saya dapat offer tesl. but in that e-announcement, dia just kata saya dapat Asasi TESL di UiTM. how can i know which Uitm it is? whether lendu or shah alam or negeri sembilan or somewhere else?

Liyana Othman said...

Hello there, congrats on the offer! It should be written in that offer letter actually, unless that announcement is not the offer letter. However, if it really isn't there, you can always call up uitm and ask.

Anonymous said...

hello,sis lyn.i want to ask you something 'bout this topic.
i'm already been accepted for asasi TESL at UiTM Alor Gajah
on 2nd june 2013.
the question is what we'll learn in this course
besides literature n malaysia studies???
'coz i try to search for the core course for this course
but to no avail...
can you please tell me about it...
thank you sooo much for ur help...

Student-to-be for asasi TESL 2013...^___^

Liyana Othman said...

Hey Relena!
Congrats for getting in, that's great!

Actually I posted something on this already, you can check it out in the link below:

However, I'm not sure if there has been minor or major changes. :)

Relena71 said...

ok,sis...i'd found it...thank you sooo much,sis...i'm appreciate it's easier for me to prepare for it...thanks,sis...^___^

Anonymous said...

Salam.hye sis..! I love reading your blog..full of information about tesl..hihi:D.. i am a spm leaver.. and already get an offer to further in asasi tesl in uitm shah alam campus..are u persuing your dgree there?how will be the life of tesl asasi-an ?

Thank u;)

Liyana Othman said...

Wsalam, hello there! Thanks for reading, really appreciate it. Yes I'm currently in my final semester of degree. But i'm away at the moment doing my practicum teaching, so u won't see me around campus. :P

Anyways, asasi tesl will be great if you're open for the challenge and don't stress out too much. It ws one of my greatest years here at the faculty. Good luck and have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey :) What about Diploma in Tesl ? Can you tell me what i shoud get in SPM for Diploma Tesl ? ohh btw how can i apply Tesl for 2014/2015 ?

Liana Zahari said...

finally. nice entry. i skrg amik kos business then i rasa cm tak boleh nak carry sbjek tu. so i decide nak amik tesl. but i still keliru. i need someone yg boleh tlg i sbb i tak boleh buat kptusan. really need ur help. can i get ur phone no or anything? please ;/ 0133159569

Liana Zahari said...

finally. nice entry. i skrg amik kos business then i rasa cm tak boleh nak carry sbjek tu. so i decide nak amik tesl. but i still keliru. i need someone yg boleh tlg i sbb i tak boleh buat kptusan. really need ur help. can i get ur phone no or anything? please ;/ 0133159569

Liyana Othman said...

Hi Liana! Nice name :P
Suure, don't know banyak mana i can help but I'd be happy to! :D
Nanti i text u.

*wink*wink* said...

Hi kak lin. Nak tanya ni which one is better? Asasi or dip?

Anonymous said...

sis, i can't speaking english very well. so, i want to know whether i can take asasi tesl or not? please help me. tq

Liyana Othman said...

Wink wink: It really depends on what you plan to do afterwards. If you plan to test out TESL, see if it suits you, I'd suggest you take up asasi cuz it would only take 1 year. If not, diploma would do just fine.

Anonymous: To be honest, you might want to consider another course. This is because TESL would involve A LOT of english speaking. While you'd no doubt receive a lot of training to help improve your speaking skill, you should really ask yourself if you're up to the challenge. I know a lot of people who hasn't improved much even after 5 years being in the TESL program. So if you're not ready to really improve, you'd probably succeed better in a different course.

Anonymous said...

salam, kak , kalau lepas asasi tesl nii, boleh guna untuk sambung study overseas ka? maksud sy, ambil degree di uk ke usa ke aussie ke :)

ummi said...

Hye there sis. Im getting into d interview this Saturday. Nk tanya, kalau saya dh dipanggil untuk interview ni, maknanya saya dh tk dapat others course yg saya apply k? Cuz frankly speak, saya apply tesl as my second choice Saya pn tk berani sangat untuk tesl ni.. Cuma saya nekad sebab saya inspired by a one. But honestly, im not pretty in English and saya nk ( capital NAK) belajar. Thus in case saya fail in d interview, masih ada peluang untuk course lain? N during d interview, if d q is spontaneous, saya boleh jawab jujur dn spontaneous juga k?

Anonymous said...

hello sistahh! eheeeehh. just recieved an offer to sit for tesl interview. just wanna ask you some tips for the iv. can you share some? pleaseee. quite gabra and feels even dinosour in my stomach. hehh-,- keep wondering what will they ask me. and im a good speaker but just so-so maybe in writing. so how ehh? thankkyouuuuyouuu *^▁^*

Wahidah said...

Assalamualaikum akak heeee saya nak tanya, akak waktu asasi tesl masuk kolej apa? Boleh ke tukar-tukar kolej? Biasanya budak tesl masuk kolej apa ye? ><

Anonymous said...

Hello kak, ni sya ada soalan nak tnya sikit. hehe:) Saya tgh tggu result upu dan harap sangat dapat further my study in tesl. Kalau dah habis utk asasi tesl ni nanti, apa2 courses yang kita boleh smbg tuk degree eh?

Thank you for ur information neway.

Anonymous said...

As salam, akak, just wondering mcm mana nak tau kita lulus interview ke tak? mmg akan keluar masa upu or dia bg surat dulu?

Liyana Othman said...

Salam, hey guys! So glad to see so many people got called for the interview. Sorry I couldn't reply sooner though, was drowning in work at the time. T_T

Anyways, hope all of you had fun, hope my tips scattered throughout this blog had helped you at least a wee bit, and do share any good news with me!

Take care guys!

Liyana Othman said...

Wahidah: Nope, sorry dear. You won't be allowed to tukar2 college unfortunately. But this isn't too bad actually. ;)

Fay: Actually there are tons of other courses you could venture into after Asasi TESL. I've wrote a little something on that topic actually. You can check it out here:

Anonymous: If I'm not mistaken, surat takde dihantar dah now. What you can surely do is to check online via the UPU website (or the UiTM website. Sorry but I really forgot which one tho I strongly feel it's the upu site). Goodluck! :)

Anonymous said...

im sad cause i got dukacita for asasi tesl dan saya rasa nak merajuk dgn tesl but i love tesl help me :( semangat saya dh jatuh merundum :(((((((((((9

Annabel said...

Heyy. I was one of the chosen candidates to go through the interview if like to know when would the result of the interview be out. Will it be out with the rest of UPU result or some other way. I really appreciate if you'd help me out. Thank you.

Liyana Othman said...

Anonymous: Heyy don't beat yourself over it my dear, surely God has better plans for you even if you didn't get what you wanted. ;) Cheer up, and see what the UPU final results have in store for you. If afterwards, you still feel strongly for TESL, don't fret, you can always try again for degree!

Annabel: The results are actually out already I'm quite sure. Because my cousin attended the interview as well and he's gotten his results already. Trying checking online my dear, via the UPU/uitm intake websites.